Democracy ! Yay , Fascism , Boo…And All That (Mastodon Migration)

Re Mastodon (2):

So now 48 hours and things are mostly sorted and working. Not bad at all. Based on who I’m finding right off the bat I’d say yes – exodus is a word of sorts. In any case we’ll be banging around under the hood for awhile learning how things work. Following , posting and all that are very twitter like with minor differences. Maybe enough to drive the maximally retentive insane but nothing the rest of us can’t handle. And speaking of handle we are . Easy

Re Mastodon:

These folks (Mastodon) were clearly not looking to quickly scale a federated network of independent servers in order to accommodate an exodus from a primary network like Twitter due to fascist incursion and hostile takeover. It’s also unlikely that EU and US governance understand this as an event requiring monetary and technical intervention to assist networks like Mastodon struggling to accommodate the influx. For some of us the commitment to democracy runs deeper than a temporarily unresponsive alternative social network but many will rebound back to residency in one of those larger but now demonstrably evil places for convenience or out of bewilderment. The fascists are counting on that. Be aware. Also we are banging around now . Just need to get the water and lights turned on…

So Ughh , the Person-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named bought Twitter and the thing is currently playing out pretty much as the train wreck most of us expected. Before our (probably inevitable) Twexit I tried (no-really !) to ascertain what a few of the big fish were planning. @SaraBarielles and a few others had made intentions clear enough but no one group seems to have the same convictions with regards to a post exit plan. I have not heard back from her agent.

Here all of this comes amidst a concerted personal effort at disentanglement from doing business with entities funding Election Deniers , Insurrectionists, Domestic Terrorists and other collective fascist interests now collectively represented by the GOP. It’s time consuming and requires patience but is ultimately easier than it sounds. What I suggest is you reference first the Popular Information Accountability Index over at @JuddLegums newsletter site. Having a plan involves knowing who’s feeding the Orcs – then finding alternatives. If you love democracy you’ll start to enjoy the process. As always patience is a virtue. The fact that we’re referencing twitter handles in this post outlines a particularly pressing facet of the current situation – far too much dependence on any one social platform as a reference point and we tend towards laziness. Quite a ways back now Paul Krugman had a post that basically outlined how Twitter has made all of us lazy with regard to writing and conversely having gone TLDR on reading and writing real journalism. Of course since then the NYT has acquired it’s own cadre of fascist influencers on board – just in case. Give folks enough latitude to both sides democracy vs fascism and they will find a way , particularly if it pays well.

Music means that I’m having a good time in spite of all this. There will be more time for writing and outreach now. We have to flesh out a new social and distribution side of things and I have to get better at filing copyrights and licensing but the pace is picking up and there will be lots of music to follow. Also more specifics on who got ditched for funding the destruction of our democracy. Best and regards to all of you…

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