…Oh My Ghad Itza March Already…

So uhh here’s the thing. Occasionally a project comes in (okay never) where in exchange for giving up your independent rebel cred and autonomy you get to work on exactly ONE thing while a bunch of other people slave over stuff that you would otherwise also have to do yourself in the large majority of familiar scenarios. That sounds absolutely horrible doesn’t it (wincing now) ? Now to make things worse there are these other rules regarding social media (like it not being a thing for the duration) that are absolutely draconian… Continue reading


Well….That was fast. The weather here finally decided to resemble something reasonably seasonal about two weeks into December before popping back into 70ish range. The holiday season has been a blast regardless , probably more so than usual just because up against a backdrop of a world moving from one petulant tantrum to another the push-back is mostly about enjoying the season and just saying no to all the negativity, anhedoniacs and other assorted varieties of grumpenthropes…seems to be working. A few months back I’d started to reconsider the long held desire… Continue reading

The Rooster Said It Was Time To Fix All The Things

Well just fixed a bunch of stuff at least in part to avoid literally starting over with all the latest whiz bang web design stuff here that devs get excited about. Quite frankly most of us mere mortals are going to be thrilled when our next site moves past the parking lot stage. It shouldn’t take a large obnoxious bird yelling every morning to be reminded that these things require more than checking in every few months. Projects are busting out so it’s definitely time for this place to at least bear… Continue reading

Intro To Psi And Computation

This post was previously hosted on the legacy site and later Blogspot in November 2016. There are some edits for clarity. Note that the psi of the title is still only speculatively related to the macro psi that humans have been recording in their experience for millenia. If we do in fact stabilize systems for quantum computation utilizing multiple methods and succeed in showing that quantum advantage can be achieved via more than one path we’ll be closer to having the tools we need to identify macro signatures “in the wild” …. Continue reading

The Challenge Of A Social Media Interregnum For Musicians

It’s remarkable how quickly the situation described below is changing: There are several factors contributing to this , the most persistent being the continual degradation of user experience and safety at Twitter. But also the spreading word that #Mastodon supplies ample tools for crafting individual and purpose built feeds- no coding required. With the now rapidly expanding user base of music fans will come that desired influx of musos, bands and supporting orgs. Things that originally looked to be a couple of years out (see below) may be in evidence in about… Continue reading

Happy New Year 2023 !

The year is 2023. The future is here. Have yet to witness any literal flying cars yet but must say down South at least this can only be a good thing. These folks are definitely not ready for that particular wrinkle on the Z axis. In other news we’ve probably got some explaining to do as there hasn’t been much in the way of news and updates of late… Here’s the deal: Late 2022 We did the math (and then re-did it multiple times) for music release timing and found the situation… Continue reading

Democracy ! Yay , Fascism , Boo…And All That (Mastodon Migration)

Re Mastodon (2): So now 48 hours and things are mostly sorted and working. Not bad at all. Based on who I’m finding right off the bat I’d say yes – exodus is a word of sorts. In any case we’ll be banging around under the hood for awhile learning how things work. Following , posting and all that are very twitter like with minor differences. Maybe enough to drive the maximally retentive insane but nothing the rest of us can’t handle. And speaking of handle we are @KilleansRow@mastodon.online . Easy Re… Continue reading

Daily Tracks Update

Yeah so about that last post Twitter is now totally out. We’ll be updating some new status shortly. In the mean time a few bits as we take up some slack. Line 6 just released the 3.5 update for Helix and it is a total destroyer. Literally a brand new day. I’ve also just barely scratched the surface of Omnisphere 2.8 which I can fairly say is a long distance from Omnisphere 1 , which was already incredible. Sound designers have created patch libraries for all of the synth hardware profiles. These… Continue reading

News & Updates

The advantage of learning , knowing and applying various analytical methods across the sciences partly lies in getting a leg up on how close (or how far) we generally land from the truth regarding problem solutions in the absence of such methods. Intuition becomes a much more valuable tool once we learn when it is likely to be wrong ( and you’d better not be using intuition to do that ! ). If your experience in life includes events that exceed the normal bounds of cognition (traumas of war and violence at… Continue reading

Slava Ukraini

There are no words – but of course there are words. The unspeakable invasion of Ukraine at the behest of an unfettered lunatic have set our world sailing once again into uncharted territory. The rather flagrant truths of corruption and greed have an unfortunately visible outcome in the continuing and accelerated targeting of civilians – their homes , cities , villages , transport and all things essential for survival and on the impulses of one utterly depraved reptile fool. I cannot tell you what to think because as part of a larger… Continue reading