The Rooster Said It Was Time To Fix All The Things

Well just fixed a bunch of stuff at least in part to avoid literally starting over with all the latest whiz bang web design stuff here that devs get excited about. Quite frankly most of us mere mortals are going to be thrilled when our next site moves past the parking lot stage. It shouldn’t take a large obnoxious bird yelling every morning to be reminded that these things require more than checking in every few months. Projects are busting out so it’s definitely time for this place to at least bear some semblance of life and care. Right now that means conforming images , structural updates, edits for clarity and readability. Just some basic tidying well short of redesign that kicks things up to nominal.

A few years back Paul Krugman wrote a great little piece about how social platforms like Twitter were subverting the motivation for long form blogging , admitting that he had also felt that pull wherein a tweet might sate the desire for saying more about a subject when the elaboration would usually be of service- if not an outright requirement. Now at least that pendulum appears to be moving away from that nadir at least for some subject matter…and all it took was a round-the-clock fascist clown car demolition derby that has yet to run out of gas.

Musically speaking things are going rather well and the video beginnings of Daily Tracks are in the works. In contrast to the above situation with blogging the tendency now, and particularly with the power of tools like Davinci Resolve , is that everything little farking thing wants to be a major production. It’s all a bit intimiditing until you realize that you can do the little bits on the way to the big production and that is how almost anyone who has gotten anywhere with any of this usually starts off. What you don’t want is to wind up doing what everyone else is doing…and that takes some doing !

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